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Service Location!

The Paradise Alley Food Truck Park !

October 2016

These fine Trucks will be serving you a fantastic lunch experience in the

Paradise Alley Food Truck Park

32 Mill Street NE Ardmore, Oklahoma  73401

On Mill Street between Main and Broadway

10:30 am till 2:00pm

Both Outside or inside air-conditioned seating in the Mill Street Garage,

Big Screen TV while you and your guest enjoy your meal

 Catering, Employee / Customer Appreciation, and Special Events !

If you have an event coming up and you'd like a Food Truck to be there to serve you and your guests,

call 580-220-5723 and share the details.  Or, let us plan your event for you !  Either way, our aim is to add value to your event.  

Contact us today !  

They always enjoy Street Food when they travel out of town and

feel like Ardmore deserves quality affordable Urban Street Food.

Tim and Julie Longest serve almost exclusively in the Downtown Ardmore Historic District.

You can find them every Wednesday 11:00a - 2:00p at the corner of Washington and Broadway

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Get there early as they prepare for quite a few folks but it does go fast!

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Our Menu Offerings

Each Service day, we offer 3 entrees, 2 sides and 1 desert.  These items are some of what you'll find on our Truck, and guess what?,?,?,,,It's All Good!!

We Post the Day's menu on our facebook @Its All Good Food Truck


Twitter @_itsallgood_

  The It's All Good Strawberrys Newport - Bring a friend and buy 2 because you'll want to finish yours!


  Sweeties Sweet Potatoe Fries - These fries are an amazing addition to your urban meal and the homemade sauce that is included is being talked about statewide!


The WHOLE Pig Pork Sammy!  SSsshhh....Don't tell everyone but this betther than your Grandma made.  A HUGE boneless Porkchop sandwiches between a toasted Ciabatta Bun, but not before getting covered in sauteed Green, Yellow and Red Peppers and Onion.  Oh, also 2 slices of Bacon !


   Chris's Chili Cheese Fries -  These Crispy Golden Friend Potatoes are heaped on a plate and topped with Piping Hot Chili and Queso.  So good they're hard to share!


Mac's Mac-n-Cheese-n-Pulled Pork Sammy - Tape em up 'cause this one will kock your socks off!  Our Famous Creamy Grilled Cheese with a generous heaping of our Also Famous Pulled Pork.  MMmmmm


Fresh from the Garden Flatbread - a Fresh, Tasty Flatbread Lightly Brushed with Olive Oil & Topped with   Mouthwatering Marinara Sauce, Veggies & Fresh Mozzarella; Lightly Browned & Served in Quarter Parts


Pete's Little Pig Potstickers - Veggies & Pork Potstickers, Fried to Perfection with amazing fried rice andHomemade Sweet & Sour Sauce


Potato Tornados - Hand-Turned & Fried Idaho Potato, Served on a Bamboo Skewer & Seasoned to Your Heart's Desire


Bill's Baja Fish Tacos - Cajun Fish Carefully Placed between a "Fresher-than-New" Corn Tortilla, & Topped with Our Signature Purple Coleslaw & Our Secret Chipotle Sauce


Uncle Bud's Hickory Smoked Brisket Slider  - Chopped Brisket on a Fresh, Soft Bun with Seasoned Mustard, 2 Slices of Pickles,


Unbelievable Tomatoe Basil Soup with an It's All Good Grilled Cheese.  This Soup truly will cause you to feel Love....and the sandwich, ,,,well,,,,,you know......




This Guy has a true passion for Fantastic Sandwiches and other finely prepared

urban street food.  He will bring the food to you! and will prepare it with love!

Keep up with his weekly locations

By Liking his page on Facebook @ The Grateful Bread Sandwich Co.

Once you try his food, You WILL be a BreadHead !


Tennessee Jed - BBQ smoked pork topped with grilled onions and BBQ sauce


    The Garcia - Cajun rubbed pork loin topped with ham, Swiss, pickles and mustard


    Sunrise - Our b.l.t. With cheddar and two eggs fried directly into the bread


Franklin's Tower - Provolone, salami, pepperoni and ham topped with lettuce, tomatoes and creamy Italian dressing


Easy Wind - Fresh mozzarella topped with garlic pesto and tomato


Friend of the Devil - Smoked Bologna, rubbed w/ two mustards, soy sauce and brown sugar topped with tomato, lettuce and your choice of mayo, mustard or BBQ




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